Blue Luminaire

Nick Martin – Composer


It is simply a little gem

– Sune Anderberg, Seismograf

deliciously sparse and exquisitely controlled…it’s also something that I can imagine being played on my dream radio show alongside The Field, Xenakis, Thee Silver Mt Zion, Jon Hopkins, Morton Feldman, Murcof and Matmos. It’s contemporary music that can be of interest as much to Sigur Ros and Can fans as to lovers of Birtwistle and Cage.’

– Paul Morley, The Guardian

Terroirs breathes steadily in and out, aching with every exhalation. It demands a pound of emotional flesh from listeners: neither the subject matter nor the intimate nature of the recording allow for purely objective listening. Sometimes it’s all too close to sounding entirely worn out. But over time, Terroir sure proves an engrossing listen

– Andrew Mellor, Seismograf

‘Bittersweet in a way but with intimate elegance in a way that makes every note strike your core. Terroir is a stunning album. Blue Luminaire feels like they have poured all their fears, desires and tentative yearnings into an album that longs for solace. Musically, the exotic chamber setting gives you a melodic comfort blanket to hide in. Lyrically and sonically, each phrase will cause quiet devastation.

– Simon Smith, Higher Plain Music