Blue Luminaire

Nick Martin – Composer

New work

  • Listening to Loss

    In September 2019, I started a two year artistic research project at the Rhythmic Music Conservatory in Copenhagen, with the title ‘Listening to Loss’. In this project, I set out to explore ways of listening, remembering, preserving and contextualising music and sound, during a time of climate crisis, global warming and mass extinction – in…

  • Terroir

    I’m working on a large collaborative project with photographer Malin Annie. The project includes photography and music, and will culminate in physical release of some kind, in 2020. A working title is ‘Terroir’

  • Blog

    Since April 2018, I have been writing, researching, travelling, listening, reading & playing. I have started writing music and words, reflecting on the nature of identity and place, attachment and trauma. I have also started to use my own voice. A collection of songs is slowly forming, and I will tentatively share parts of my…